An average adult rhino weighs about one and a half tonnes.and can charge a target at up to 50km/hr.

So, if an adult rhino is upset and charges at the object of its fury at full speed, it is bound to hit this object really hard and can cause a lot of damage.

Bearing this in mind, you would think rhinos would know better than fight each other. But you would be wrong.

Oddly enough, rhinos are very territorial. They demand that other rhinos stay out of “their space” and are only too willing to fight any intruders.

Given their weight and speed, the consequences of any such fight can be very horrific.


Baraka — if he could talk — would confirm this.

For Baraka is a blind rhino. But he was not born blind.

Born on November 20, 1994, he was one of the first rhinos born in Ol Pejeta Conservancy. And from that day, Baraka has been a blessing to the conservancy, hence the name Baraka meaning “blessings” in Swahili.

However, Baraka had the bad luck to get into a territorial dispute with another rhino and, unfortunately, got the worst of it. He ended up with a terrible injury to one of eyes, which — by the end of the fight — was literally hanging from its socket.

Later it developed a carbuncle (large cluster of boils under the skin) on this eye. So in the end, the eye had to be removed.

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However, the removal of his eye was not the end of Baraka’s suffering. Baraka later developed further complications in his other eye, which the veterinarians were not able to cure. Tragically, Baraka became blind in both eyes.

It was not easy for Baraka to live in this state, and major adjustments were required. The conservancy, as always, dedicated to the welfare of the wild animals, therefore transferred Baraka to a 100-acre enclosure known as the Morani’s complex.

He is now a major attraction at the Morani Information Center. People from all over visit the Ol Pejeta conservancy to see the blind rhino (Baraka).

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