The Ark


The Ark is a distinct value accommodation for guests who want to complement their adventurous bush safaris in East Africa with wildlife viewing experiences from the deck of the lodging. Located in the wild heart of Aberdare National Park, the lodge is strategically situated next to a saltlick watering hole which attracts a variety of fauna. The most prominent animals are elephants, but you may also see buffalos, rhinos, forest hogs and other herbivores. Even leopards, hyenas and other elusive predators come to drink. The lodge design is based upon Noah’s Ark to give you an even more charmed and adventurous trip to Aberdare Park. Observation decks overlook the waterhole and saltlick, and the lounge areas and balconies are perfect for relaxing with a refreshing cocktail while watching the wildlife come and go. Each level of the lodge has its own viewing deck so you can see the animals from a different angle. This design -enhances the images captured by photographers, and the hide bunker gets you only a few meters away from the animals. The staff strive to give every guest a  , so a nighttime watchman keeps an eye out for nocturnal activity. When an interesting animal is sighted during the night, you are alerted with a special buzzer in your room. The accommodation understands, though that not all Incredible Kenya Adventures guests wish to be awakened so you can turn off the in-room buzzer as desired. Also, there are some nights when there is no unique wildlife action so there is no buzzing that happens, disappointing to some guests who have high expectations without realizing that the Aberdare is a wilderness arena and not a zoo.




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